Sucker For Succulents




Succulents are making a comeback and are becoming a commonly seen trend in fashion and nails. These plants are low maintenance and you can kinda neglect them and they'll still be looking beautiful! Don't neglect your nails though! Jump on this prickly bandwagon and put these popular plants on your nails. This design requires little effort to create and is perfect for plant parents!
Sucker For Succulents

Here's How

  1. Sucker For Succulents: Step 1
    On a clean nail, prep your nail by applying Calcium Rich Base Coat and then apply Foil Glue and wait for it to dry.
  2. Sucker For Succulents: Step 2
    Stamp your image from the Desert Rose plate from the Botanicals plate using Limelight and color it in using Soft Sage. Apply the image on one part of the nail.
  3. Sucker For Succulents: Step 3
    Repeat step 2 on another image to stamp on another part of your nail.
  4. Sucker For Succulents: Step 4
    Finish up this manicure by sealing in your design using your favorite top coat.

    *TIP: We used No Smudge Top Coat to keep the design clean and prevent any bleeding in the design.